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Events & workshops

The majority of our events run in the autumn and spring terms.

Current students can book events via My Jobs Online

Apprenticeship learners, please see section below for more details on professional development workshops and events.

Typically, our events include (but are not limited to):

Event series Description
Employer Panels Find out what it's like to work in different industries, such as city finance, marketing or sustainability at these events! We invite professionals from these industries to share information about their working life and how they got to where they are in their career. We encourage you to ask questions to the speakers to get as much from the session as you can.
Industry Insights Each week in the autumn and spring term the ICMA Centre has a talk from someone in the finance industry to help you develop your commercial awareness and understanding of the financial services industry. This is very important in the world of finance!
Success Studio Develop your confidence and get involved in something different in the spring term at these masterclasses. From cartooning, philosophy, stand-up comedy and LEGO sessions, you can develop skills employers are looking for whilst having fun!
Resilient You One of the key skills employers are looking for is resilience. Learn how to cope with change and uncertainty in these sessions which are run throughout autumn and spring.
Getting a Job in China For those of you who want to work in China after you graduate, we run a series of webinars to help you understand the job market and what you need to do to start your career.
MBA Events We work closely with professionals to provide networking opportunities and insights into different industries for MBA students.
Real Estate and Planning Events In conjunction with RREF, we run lectures, employer talks, networking events (where possible) and workshops on careers in Real Estate.
Careers Workshops We also run adhoc workshops with advice on how to perform well at interviews and assessment centres, and workshops about getting jobs and work experience.
Apprenticeship Career Development Programme Our apprentices benefit from a series of monthly professional development workshops as well as other events such as hackathons, productivity sessions and networking.

Events for Apprenticeship Learners

Henley Careers and Professional Development offers a range of online workshops, open to all Apprenticeship learners. The programme is updated quarterly and current learners can access details and links to join events through Canvas.

Recent monthly webinar topics have included themes such as:

  • Building Relationships in a Hybrid World
  • Thought Leadership for All
  • Creating a Culture of Inclusion in Your Workplace
  • Power Language for Career Longevity
  • Time Management Hacks for Streamlined Leadership
  • Promoting your Personal Brand

In addition to the monthly webinars, Henley Careers and Professional Development offers apprenticeship learners a series of five online events on the topic of career management called the Smart Career Management Series.

Redundancy support

Henley Careers and Professional Development also supports learners who are at risk of or have been served notice of redundancy. Access to these services is through learners’ Apprenticeship Tutors or a member of faculty.

World of Work

Henley Careers & Professional Development also hosts the annual World of Work (WOW) conference.

If you're interested in the future world of work, you can hear from thought-leaders about the challenges and opportunities that face us! It's always a jam-packed day of insights and things to think about for your company or your future.

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