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Business Management Masters Subject Area

Masters in Management

At a glance

  • Ranked in the UK's top 10 Masters in Managment programmes (Financial Times 2023)
  • Ranked in the world’s top 100 Masters in Management programmes for Employability by QS (2023)
  • Enhance your employability skills through a unique, experiential learning approach and a bespoke careers development programme
  • Benefit from exclusive features, including an international study trip and the opportunity to work on real-life management projects developed in conjunction with partner organisations
  • Create successful strategies and thrive in a world of constant innovation
  • Tailor the programme to your area of focus through a wide range of elective modules in digital leadership, entrepreneurship, sustainability, international business and human resource management, among others
Henley Whiteknights
Subject area(s)
Start Date
September 2024
12 months
Programme Director
MLP 3791 Marrisa Joseph NEW 75edwqcke
Dr Marrisa Joseph


98% employed post graduation
Masters Careers Survey 2022
96% of students would recommend their programme
Masters Careers Survey 2022

The Masters in Management programme delivers a strong academic and practical grounding in core subjects. This includes strategy, marketing, finance and ethics, as well as offering you a wide choice of elective modules. Your studies will conclude with two capstone modules: an international study visit and an applied management project. These will allow you to start applying your learning in real-world situations and putting your skills and knowledge into practice.

On this postgraduate course, you'll join students from across the globe and prepare for an outstanding career in management and leadership.

Who is this postgraduate programme for?

Students looking to develop more detailed knowledge and experience of management practice to accelerate their career. We expect you to be a recent graduate, with no more than two years of direct professional experience.

What does a MSc Management degree provide?

Employers around the world recognise the importance of a Masters in Management. We aim to ensure that you leave with the skills and mind-set to take on the challenges of international business. The content and quality of our teaching, careers provision, and alumni community will equip you with the confidence for your career.

What is unique to Henley’s Masters in Management?

The module Developing and Advancing Effective Leadership is exclusive to the Masters in Management programme. Designed and taught by faculty in the Henley Centre for Leadership, this module is informed by current research into leadership practice and provides students with a practical approach to becoming leaders in the workplace and beyond.

“Our Masters in Management programme aims to provide a thorough postgraduate education which is flexible in design to tailor for students’ individual interests and career goals. Its value for students comes from its balanced approach to an applied theory informed curriculum, with a focus on contemporary organisation studies and leadership, and an engaging international perspective on management thinking and practice. We support our graduates with strong academic and professional development, in particular through the options to undertake work placements, an international study opportunity or work based projects in organisations.”
Dr Marrisa Joseph, Programme Director
8th in the UK
for Masters in Management
(Financial Times 2023)
UK top 10 (9th)
For Careers service in Masters in Management
(Financial Times 2023)
UK top 10
for percentage of female students on Masters in Management
(Financial Times 2023)
8th in the UK
for Masters in Management
(The Economist 2021)
38th in the World
for Masters in Management
(The Economist 2021)
17th in the World
for quality of faculty on Masters in Management
(The Economist 2021)

The Henley Pre-Masters Course Suite

Exclusively available to Henley Business School offer holders, the Pre-Masters course suite comprises of innovative short courses designed and developed by Henley faculty on the Futurelearn platform, one of the leading online learning platforms.

Optional modules Credits

This course will provide building blocks of knowledge to help you prepare for your learning journey in the area of your choice as well as equip you with key employability and study skills for successfully navigating your studies and professional career.

This pre-study interactive course is designed by Henley Business School faculty, the University of Reading Study Advice Team and the International Study and Language Institute. The course aims to prepare you for your learning journey at Henley and focuses on helping you build important study skills to succeed in your Masters and beyond. Skills such as curiosity and independent thinking, effective communication and collaboration, digital capabilities, storytelling, empathy and professional integrity are not only important in your course itself but are also sought after by employers in all areas of business. Therefore, they are instrumental in succeeding in your professional career. The learning journey of our Masters programmes is designed in a way that allows you to build such skills and this course intends to demonstrate exactly how, and therefore help you to make the most of your Masters.


A course delivered online by Henley faculty and you will receive online support from one of our teaching staff members and be able to interact with other prospective students in your course.

This pre-study interactive course is designed by Henley Business School faculty to introduce you to the world of coding in Python. According to recent employer surveys, coding is a top 5 employability skill in the new world of work. The World Economic forum includes technology design and programming in the top 10 skills of 2025. Coding is an extremely powerful skill to have going forward in all areas of business and finance. Due to the importance of coding skills in your future, you will be using coding in some of your courses depending on your choice of programme at Henley Business School. So, this pre-study course can be seen as a stepping stone in your learning journey. Even if coding is not directly utilised as a part of your programme, completing this course, earning the certificate and complementing this with some further independent learning, could set you apart in an increasingly competitive job market. Python is the most utilised programming language in the world and so the purpose of this course is for you to learn the fundamentals of Python, and how to use it to solve practical problems in your area of interest.


Semester 1

Compulsory modules Credits

This module aims to introduce students to the core concepts and models underlying contemporary strategic management, their theoretical and empirical foundations, their limitations, the arguments surrounding them and their practical application to real issues facing real companies. This module provides students with an understanding of the conceptual and analytical tools of strategic management and economics.

  • Theories, frameworks and introduction
  • Internal resources and competencies of firms
  • External environment in which firms operate
  • The process of internationalisation
  • Globalisation and regional integration
  • Collaborative behaviour and strategic alliances
  • Integration/responsiveness framework and strategy

Academic authors
Professor rajneesh narula 397 3 Rajneesh Narula 75e5pfi6j
Professor Rajneesh Narula
Jong Min Lee002 2 2 75e5pfilu
Dr Jongmin Lee
20 [10 ECTS credits]

The module examines existing knowledge about how people behave in organisational settings, the theories that inform this knowledge and the practical implications for managers. It relies on the tacit knowledge of students and on social and human sciences such as management, philosophy, political science, psychology and sociology.

Academic authors
Wahab Shahbaz Photo
Dr Wahab Shahbaz
20 [10 ECTS credits]

This module is designed to help you achieve your career aspirations by realising your full potential and building employability skills for the future of work. The module is designed by the careers and professional development team and Henley academics with input from the Henley World of Work Institute.

20 [10 ECTS credits]
Optional modules Credits

To equip students with relevant accounting and financial management knowledge in decision making, especially for those who have little background in accounting and financial management. The module covers relevant topics in the areas of financial accounting, management accounting and financial management, with a focus on the ability to understand the importance of accounting and financial information in decision making and critical evaluation of the use of relevant information in decision making.

Academic authors
Dr liang han 397 3 Liang Han 75e5pfi5h
Professor Liang Han, Visiting Professor
20 [10 ECTS credits]

The Module aims to provide students with a clear understanding of the fundamentals (principles) underlying contemporary marketing and enables student to apply theory in practice.

20 [10 ECTS credits]

In this module learners will explore the role of leadership in a digital environment. They will build their awareness of key digital technologies and discuss the impact on managerial practices, processes and strategies.

By the end of the module, learners will gain a critical understanding of:

  • The evolving digital landscape
  • The changing role of leadership in a pervasive digital environment
  • The role of software systems in shaping organisational information and communication
  • Key concepts of data and predictive data science, and its application in informing leadership decisions
  • How to analyse organisational and managerial processes with regards to their potential for automation, and the impact on the nature of work, leadership, company culture and society
  • Digital techniques used by entrepreneurs to rapidly iterate business models and test new processes and products.
  • How to critically appraise their own behaviour with regards to managing digital productivity, managerial work practice and continuing professional development.
Academic authors
Norbert Morawetz005 75edwqcke
Professor Norbert Morawetz

This module provides an introduction to the field of human resource management in terms of the development of the function; its approach to strategy and the deployment of the key practices of human resource management. It is relevant for any students considering a career where they will be managing others or for those interested in a career specialising in HRM.

Academic authors
Liz Houldsworth Updated Photo
Dr Elizabeth Houldsworth
20 [10 ECTS credits]

To provide an understanding of how organisations utilise core capabilities and entrepreneurial approaches to deliver innovations for future profit.

Academic authors
Dr Anlan Chen Photo
Dr Anlan Chen
20 [10 ECTS credits]

Module aims and purpose

This module introduces key concepts, methods, and tools for business data analytics. Data analytics are a fundamental tool for any organisation that plans to make strategic use of their data assets, and enables data-driven decision making. Core concepts that lend themselves to the three stages of data analytics (i.e., descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive) will be covered, including: data management; descriptive statistics; inferential statistics; exploratory data analysis; regression modelling; machine learning; programming data-driven solutions; and developing data-driven recommendations. Finally, workshops will give students experience in using an industry standard programming language.

To satisfy this general aim, students will acquire key knowledge and skills in:

• Accessing, storing, and handling univariate and multivariate data

• Exploring and analysing data

• Visualising data

• Developing and comparing predictive models

• Formulating data-driven decision-making strategies

Academic authors
Markos Kyritsis 75n7l9phu
Dr Markos Kyritsis
20 [10 ECTS credits]

Semester 2

Compulsory modules Credits

This is an interactive and practical module aiming to offer students a comprehensive overview of leadership. The module introduces key concepts, theories, and frameworks of leadership, and explores their practical application in different organisational contexts. It encourages students to reflect on their leadership potential, to develop their capacity to lead and advance their leadership influence and impact.

Academic authors
Amal Ahmadi002 75e5pfidr
Dr Amal Ahmadi
20 [10 ECTS credits]

This module is designed to help you achieve your career aspirations by realising your full potential and building employability skills for the future of work. The module is designed by the careers and professional development team and Henley academics with input from the Henley World of Work Institute.

20 [10 ECTS credits]
Optional modules Credits

This module introduces students to the related theory and practical applications on sustainability, business ethics and responsible management and develops students on how these theories are enabling business leaders, professionals and their organisations to integrate well ethical, humanistic, social and green impact in business and management and purposefully serve the common good, without sacrificing economic responsibility and performance.

Academic authors
Kleio Akrivou New Photo
Professor Kleio Akrivou
20 [10 ECTS credits]

This module aims to provide students with an understanding of marketing strategies and practices as they apply in a global context. This will be achieved by analysing the global marketing environment, marketing opportunities and strategy options, and the global marketing mix. As such, the module tackles both the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of global marketing management.

  • Theoretical issues relating to the rationale for global marketing and the internationalisation process
  • An analysis of the global marketing environment and factors influencing buyer behaviour
  • Planning global marketing strategy and its evolution over time
  • Factors affecting global product, pricing, distribution and communication programmes
  • Standardisation versus adaptation
Academic authors
IMG 4972 2 75nmgijnt
Melisa Mete
20 [10 ECTS credits]

This module considers the management of transformation from both an organisational and personal perspective. Students are introduced to key models of change and consider how they might be applied and the barriers to their effective implementation. The module also provides an opportunity for students to learn about and to practice some of the skills required in the management of transformation.

Academic authors
Liz Houldsworth Updated Photo
Dr Elizabeth Houldsworth
20 [10 ECTS credits]

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) represent a large share of our economies and a leading force in economic development. This module focuses on such enterprises and explores the distinctive features of management in the SME environment. An important component of this module is the preparation of a Business Plan.

Academic authors
Dr Anlan Chen Photo
Dr Anlan Chen
20 [10 ECTS credits]

This module examines organisations that are engaged in creative or cultural activities and the industries they create from an interdisciplinary management perspective. Students will define and understand the parameters of the creative or cultural industries; alongside identify the management challenges faced by organisations in these sectors; and examine strategies for addressing them.

20 [10 ECTS]

The aim of this module is to understand the two-way link between marketing and sustainability. Specifically, it explores how marketing can be used to encourage more sustainable and responsible consumption and how sustainable marketing approaches can impact organisational performance.

Academic authors
Irene Garnelo Gomez Profile Pic Jun18 75iuglcob
Dr Irene Garnelo-Gomez
20 [10 ECTS credits]

This module aims to provide students with a broad understanding of the choices made by multinational organisations with regard to managing their employees across different countries by introducing key concepts, theories and contemporary practices. It also aims to develop skills required to work in the international context through practical group work in multi-cultural teams.

  • Global challenges and international human resource management (HRM) strategy
  • Global corporate culture in multinational enterprises (MNEs)
  • Global staffing and global talent management
  • Managing expatriation
  • Developing global leaders
  • Diffusion of HRM practices in MNEs
  • Managing global HR function in MNEs
Academic authors
Rebecca Yusuf
Rebecca A.T. Yusuf
Dr chul chung 397 3 Chul Chung 75e5pfi5f
Dr Chul Chung
20 [10 ECTS credits]

The aim of this module is for students to be able to evaluate the business value in utilising AI and data analytics and develop business technology solutions with an appreciation of AI and data analytics methods and technologies.

This module focuses on the methods and techniques of using AI and data analytics in business. Given the availability of large amounts of data in business and organisation, there is an increasing need for organisations to assess how effectively AI and data analytics can be utilised for business. In this module, students consider how organisations can benefit from AI and data analytics, and analyse business and technological requirements to create value though AI and data analytics. Students will also explore recent developments in technologies surrounding AI and data analytics such as machine learning, text analytics, cognitive analytics and visualisation, and assess types of tools that can be utilised, including the use of state-of-the-art analytics tools.

Academic authors
Dr keiichi nakata 397 3 Keiichi Nakata 75e5pfi5h
Professor Keiichi Nakata
20 [10 ECTS credits]

Summer term

Compulsory modules Credits

The module provides intensive experiential learning in an international context, either virtually or via direct travel. This is an opportunity for students group visits a particular country, institutions and particular business communities to explore sustainable and wider management issues and the methods the community has found for addressing these issues. Students must choose either the 'Business and Management Project' or 'International Applied Challenge' or 'Work Placement and Project' module in the Autumn term.

20 [10 ECTS credits]

The module aims at providing students with an opportunity to define and execute independent research in Management on an approved topic of their choice in collaboration with an organisation/company. To enable students to apply the academic knowledge gained during the programme to a real-world context while developing an awareness of diverse and international business and management perspectives

Academic authors
Irina Heim Staff Photo 75no28pfc
Dr Irina Heim
20 [10 ECTS credits]

This module gives students the opportunity to pursue a work placement with an external organisation broadly related to the general sphere of their degree studies. The aim of the module is to allow participants to gain work experience in a career path of interest, develop a wide range of employability skills, build their network and enhance market awareness. The maximum duration of the placement is 3 months (June-August). Placements should be secured by students independently. Students must choose either the 'Business and Management Project' or 'International Applied Challenge' or 'Work Placement and Project' module in the Autumn term.

20 [10 ECTS credits]

*The module or course content descriptions set out on this page are correct for those being taught in the current academic year. Modules or course content marked as optional are indicative and may be subject to change. Please note, constraints in timetable scheduling may mean you are unable to take some optional modules at the same time as others.

A holistic approach

Effective leadership requires more than first-class business acumen, it requires a degree of self-awareness and sensitivity. Our Masters programmes offer you a unique practice-centred approach to teaching equipping you with the tools to become a compelling leader. This approach creates emotionally intelligent graduates who can be fully effective in their chosen careers.

How you will learn

Henley has a strong reputation for the practical application of business ideas and concepts. We are underpinned by academic excellence and the strength of our research. We offer high-quality technical skills training as well as a deep understanding of the importance of personal development for leaders. This is a thread that is woven through all of our Masters programmes.

Our Masters programmes feature a mix of core and optional modules, tailoring your degree towards your needs and career ambitions. You will complete up to 10 taught modules during your programme, totalling 180 credits. One module usually equates to 20 credits or 10 hours of work per week. Your week will include lectures, tutorials, workshops and personal study, with each accounting for 25% of your time on average. This provides you with the opportunity to discuss and explore the material in depth with your lecturers and fellow students.

You will be introduced to the latest thinking and research findings then have the opportunity to challenge those that have created it. You will also explore real-world issues, tackle current business challenges, and interact with guest lectures and speakers from industry. This gives you the opportunity to test, extend and refine your knowledge and skills with confidence.

How we assess you

You will learn and be assessed through a wide variety of teaching methods depending on your chosen postgraduate course. These include online materials, guest lectures, group assignments, case studies, field visits, dealing room simulations, presentations, applied projects, consultancy work and examinations.

On average examinations of core modules form between 15 - 50% of the assessed work. The remaining comes from coursework, including a written dissertation or project depending on your chosen programme.

Ongoing support

While Masters students are self-motivated and determined individuals, study at this level can present additional pressures which we take seriously. Lecturers are available to discuss module content and you can meet with your academic tutor. Support staff are available to help with anything that may arise during your time at Henley.


Year of Entry Cost
2024 £14,500

International (incl. EU)

Year of Entry Cost
2024 £27,000


Scholarships are available to support high-potential students. All applications are automatically considered for a scholarship. No separate scholarship application is necessary. Simply submit your application for a Masters programme starting in 2024 and you will be automatically notified if you are successful. Shortlisting and selection are based on academic merit and the candidate’s potential as demonstrated in the application form. For more details, visit our scholarships webpage.

Entry requirement Criteria
Undergraduate degree Minimum 2:1 or the equivalent from an Internationally recognised university
Degree discipline Any discipline

English Language Requirements

Studying in a second language can be challenging. If your English language ability is below the minimum requirement, we may ask for evidence of proficiency. Alternatively, we may ask you to attend an English language course before you begin your studies with us.

Requirement Criteria
IELTS 6.5 with no component below 6.0 in any sub-skills

Pre-sessional English Programme

The Pre-sessional English Programme is for international students who need to meet their degree programme English language requirements. Our courses equip you with the skills and language needed for academic success, including critical thinking, self-reflection, learner autonomy, research skills and integrating sources. The Pre-sessional English Programme is accredited by the global association of Lecturers in English for Academic Purposes, which guarantees you will receive a high-quality student experience.

Find out about our comprehensive range of Pre-Sessional English courses

Acceptance of LanguageCert Online and DuoLingo English qualifications

We accept the non-SELT version of LanguageCert (which includes the online version) and DuoLingo as suitable English language qualifications. These can be accepted for direct entry onto Undergraduate (except Speech and Language Therapy), Postgraduate Taught (except Speech and Language Therapy) and Postgraduate Research programmes.

For information on individual programme requirements and other English language qualifications, please visit our English requirement equivalent page.

If you require specific advice on your qualification please contact admissions directly by e-mail  or telephone at +44 (0) 118 378 5289.

UK visa requirements

If you are not a national of the European Union (EU), you may need to obtain a UK visa. This visa will allow to live and study in the UK. See the  UK Border Agency website. Contact the University's International Office with any questions:

Graduate Route

The UK's Graduate Route post-study work visa allows you to apply to stay in the UK for up to two years after you graduate, with the opportunity to undertake skilled work. Visit the University website for the latest information.

The Business School’s courses are designed with a strong focus on the entrepreneurial perspectives that graduates need.

“I went from an unstable cash-in-hand job in the music industry to working at the leading consultancy in the business. I've only been able to do this because of the strategic, entrepreneurial and creative lens the Masters in Management was able to provide me in a way no other university could match.”
Management Graduate, now working as a Research Consultant and MIDiA, UK

Where are our 2021 graduates now?

98% employed post graduation
Masters Careers Survey 2022
96% of students would recommend their programme
Masters Careers Survey 2022
£31,519 average salary one year post-graduation
Masters Careers Survey 2022

2021 graduates in this area are working at the following organisations:

Investec Bank
Knight Frank
Financial Times
University of Oxford
Banco de Brazil

23 UPM 041 PGT Pie BM l
22 MIS 036 BM map

Please note the above statistics are based on respondents to our Masters Outcomes Survey in 2022, which was completed by our 2021 graduates, 12 months after graduation.

Respondents are from the following programmes: MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation, MSc Human Resource Management, MSc International Business and Finance, MSc Management, MSc Management (International Business), MSc Marketing (Consumer Marketing), MSc Marketing (Digital Marketing) and MSc Marketing (International Marketing).

How can Henley Careers work with you?

We have an award-winning careers team that will support you through your postgraduate studies and four years after graduation.

Here is how Henley Careers and Professional Development can help you:

  • Careers Consultant appointments: Our Careers Consultant are here to help and support you with any careers related concern that you might have. Whether it’s CV advice, practicing for an interview, providing feedback if applications aren't successful or support planning your career goals. We are here to help empower you to progress in your career.
  • Events: Henley Careers and Professional Development organise numerous events aimed to help you build your confidence, develop the skills employers are looking for. Additionally, network with employers and expand your industry knowledge.
  • Alumni support: You can continue to book one-to-one appointments with your Careers Consultant and use our online resources. For up to four years after graduating we’re here to help and support in your career.
  • Career Smart: Get a head start in securing a graduate job by taking part in our online course, Career Smart. You can expect to learn about the graduate recruitment cycle in the UK. As well as where to look and how to start applying to jobs, and the different roles available to you.

For more information  please see our Careers page.

Continuing your career

Graduates leave with the skills and determination to practice management and become leaders who make a positive contribution to society. You will understand ethical dimensions of valuing, negotiating and decision making, and develop organisational and people leadership skills. You will learn how to create successful and responsible strategies in a world of constant innovation and change.

UK top 10 (8th)
for Careers progress in Masters in Management
(Financial Times 2023)

Apply for 2024 entry now

Apply online  now through the University of Reading’s online application service.

The online application service allows you to complete your application information, attach electronic copies of your academic transcripts, certificates and other supporting information. It also provides a facility for an email request to be sent to your referees. This enables the referees to send your supporting references directly to us.

When to apply

We operate a rolling admissions system and it is recommended that you apply early to secure your place. There is no specific deadline and applications will be considered until the programme is full. However, to allow us time to process your application we recommend that you apply by the following dates:

UK/Home applicants International applicants
1 August 1 July

After you apply

You will receive a confirmation email when we receive your application form. Your application is then reviewed by a member of staff. If successful, you will receive a formal offer letter outlining any necessary entry criteria you will need to meet. You'll then be asked to confirm your acceptance of this offer.

If you require a Certificate of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) for your visa, details will be sent by email once all conditions of the offer have been met.

Throughout the admissions process we will keep you updated with key information via email. We also provide opportunities to interact with faculty and staff online.

Find us on Facebook  and keep up-to-date with news and events at Henley or ask us a question. In addition, you can speak to a current student, our students are always happy to share their Henley experience.

Our students and alumni are always keen to share their Henley experience. Whether you are a prospective applicant or already applied to a Masters programme at Henley Business School. You can ask questions to a current student by clicking the “Chat to our students” button below.

When contacting one of our students, please introduce yourself and the Masters programme you have applied for.

Speak to a current student

Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact us by email at or by phone on +44 (0)118 378 7593.

An image of Eleanor Webb
“The in-depth Principles of Marketing module provided me with such useful tools to understand the marketplace and customer bases, so I can now make more informed decisions to target the correct audiences in my job.”
Eleanor Webb Designer at the Financial Times Masters in Management
“The study trip not only provided a different perspective to business in an international context, but also opportunities to bond with other students from a variety of backgrounds and gain experiences I can draw upon for life.”
Alex Finch MSc Management Masters in Management
An image of Angus Rowan Hamilton
“The opportunity to develop my team working skills by completing the many team projects on the course was great. In my current job, almost all tasks are completed as a team, so this was invaluable experience.”
Angus Rowan Hamilton Graduate Surveyor at Knight Frank Masters in Management
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